Unhealthy Foods Ever!

Unites States is much famous loaded with unhealthy foods. You will get the bulk of unhealthy food on the every corner of the street which has been served with fried foods and sweet items. Here mentioned the list of unhealthy foods.


Burgers or cheeseburgers are the most consuming food in especially in Europe plus all over the world these days. Young generation likes to eat juicy and cheesy burgers which also loaded with fats on very high level. You would be wondered to know that a restaurant which is located in the United States named, the Heart Attack Grill. There they are serving the Bypass Burger. It comes with 4 half pound beef patties with 20 strips of bacon. Unsurprisingly, this burger provides around 8,000 calories. Still, many people tend to eat this fatty thing without knowing the effects.


Sugary drinks now have been using worldwide on a high ratio especially served with the burgers and fries. Sodas and sugary drinks have a large number of calories, fats, preservatives and high level of sugar with fewer nutrition. If you are avoiding sodas but ordering sugary coffee, then it is also not good for you. For example, Java Chip Frappuccino (20 ounces) from Starbucks contains 21 grams of fat and provides 580 calories. The American Journal of Public Health studied seventy-five countries and discovered that these sugary drinks, coffee, and sodas are totally unhealthy and increases you fats, calories and sugar levels.

Processed food

In this busy life circle, people are moving towards shortcuts and using processed and half-done food. Processed food is the food in cans and coming from the factory; they process the food with preservatives. This processed food can cause the cancer of any type because it contains with sodium nitrite. According to the research that those countries that used processed meat in high ratio have a risk of death and heart attacks more than others.

Fried Meals

Fried potatoes, chicken, and other things have been adopted worldwide, and these are the favorite meals especially in a young generation these days. In many countries, fried food is available on many road sides, and people enjoy it on a daily basis. Fried wontons are the most famous appetizer in Chinese society. If we talk about fried cookies, fries and bacon then the USA is on the top of the list that enjoys the fried and cheesy meals on a daily basis.

Many restaurants use specific oils for the satisfying, attracting taste along with crunch which they provide to the food. However, these oils are not healthy. These items include fats, calories, carbohydrates which cause weight gain, heart disease, and diabetes. After 8 years of eating fried potatoes twice a week or more than twice a week the chances of death increase to about two times. After knowing the effects of these foods, one should not play with his life. Enjoy your meal with healthy things and live a healthy life. “Moderation and variety with any food is the key to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.”

“Moderation and variety with any food is the key to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.”