Miracle Anti Aging Cream Gets The Biggest Offer On Shark Tank

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Anti Aging"Shark Tank is a wonderful and entertaining show that teaches us a lot about business and entrepreneurship. Well, this show is a simple entertainment show. You do not have to be a millionaire investor or an aspiring entrepreneur. But this show revolves around only these two entities. The show features two groups of people which are investors also known as the Sharks. And another group of people belongs to the aspiring entrepreneurs. Investors bring with themselves a lot of market knowledge and millions of dollars that they are looking forward to investing in the entrepreneur’s idea of the project. On the other hand, entrepreneurs come to the show with their dream products, projects, and services that they present in front of the sharks and try their best to impress them so that the investors might invest their money in their products.

Recently an episode of shark tank has created a lot of buzz in the entire American TV show industry as it became the most-watched episode of the shark tank history. According to ABC network, the show has broken all its past records related to the number of viewers, biggest offer made till date on shark tank and the most watched episode of the shark tank history.

Pitching the Business

The episode got popular when two South Korean sisters Angela and Yoojin Kim appeared on the show as the entrepreneurs with their anti-aging cream. Both the sisters have already topped the South Korean beauty industry and are now looking forward to taking over the entire world cosmetic industry. Both the sisters began with explaining their anti-aging cream and provided a lot of information on the ingredients of the cream, formula used in manufacturing the cream, Usage, and benefits of the cream. All the five sharks seemed interested in their anti aging cream and started making their offers one by one. After long talks and negotiation, both the sisters finally agreed to the net investment of $2.5 million for the 25% of the company for their anti-aging cream. This was the biggest offer which is made till date to the entrepreneurs of all the seasons.

About Anti-aging cream

After watching the show most of the women got excited and wanted to buy the shark tank anti aging cream which was featured on the show. Now, with the financial help of the investors, both the sisters will launch their various beauty products on a global level. Women can apply the cream directly to their face to get the maximum results instantly. This cream can get soaked into your skin quickly and works from deep inside your skin. It repairs the damaged skin cells as well as boosts the production of new skin cells. The layer of the dead and old skin cells will be replaced by a layer of young skin cells making your skin smooth, plump and glowing. The cream also works on the wrinkles, fine lines and signs of aging on your face. After using the cream for a few weeks, you will see the reduction in fine lines and wrinkles from your face making the skin tight and elastic.